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YouLikeHits History page was not recording the for past 12 hours.   The issue has been fixed.  You can check your individual settings pages to see where the points were spent during the past 12 hours.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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  1. The site has been running real slow lately. Has that been fixed too? I haven’t received a new YT subscriber for almost a day now. Even though I have the payout set for 10 pts.

  2. What?
    Do i get my last hundrets of points back?
    was hard work to click and click and click :/

  3. I stand corrected, it’s working. Thanks. 🙂

  4. And now where can i get my points back ? i do not really understand what i have to do

  5. And why when i try to add a channel it says it could not be found every time?

  6. I am not getting views registerd on YouTube, even after several weeks of wait. Is this normal?

  7. My page will not let me like YouTube videos no mote n recieve points

  8. YouTube Subscribes not working. Nothing coming up in popup

  9. When i click to Google+1’s or Google+1 Circle, I be logout immediately.

  10. when i put my url in for youtube subscribers it says that i need to check that i typed my username incorrectly, which i did. it wont let me put my youtube channel in. Help?

  11. very slow process instead getting fast from youtube.

  12. When i try to sign up on you page then i got this error…. what is this…? why cant i signing up on you website…? please check out this Error, and help me…
    Error : I cannot connect to the database because: Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 61

  13. Why haven’t my YouTube views shown on YouTube and its been a week..

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