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  1. need a new design for youlikehits to become a giant website

  2. can anyone brief me how this web works?

  3. I really need help

    I think my account may have been deleted i try to login and it won’t let me. Then i click forgot password and it says that email doesn’t exist. I have around 3000 points on that account. My username was: Joe12345

    Please Help

  4. can you provide likes on website?

  5. Where do I find My Settings?

  6. Unable to Register, Please help me, its showing some error…

  7. kenneth johnson

    if im in my personal page link wouldnt that give me friends? how do i get likes to go on my artist music page? do i have to wait or how do i use my points immediatley for likes?

  8. Golly Gosh Lingerie

    It is becoming more & more frustrating on this site.Out of the 20 or so sites I have looked at YLH was unable to identify them etc etc………………
    What is going on?
    Is anybody there?

  9. I’m getting a new message suddenly, asking me to ‘add a new account’. When I copy and paste my facebook url, the message says “oops, your account must be private or enter a shortcut url.”

    what’s up. it’s not taking my account info.

  10. What’s happening when your points drop by 160 and you only get a net gain of 1 LIKE on your target page?

  11. TY. I was being facetious with the ‘what’s happening’ thing. Ummmm, correct me if I’m wrong…but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of this site?

  12. So……I’ll hook up all of my co-conspirators with 200+ LIKES……..then go back and UNLIKE them. I’ll build points for myself, then jack everyone. Thank you. That’s the one way to do business, I guess. Well….to those of you that are doing that. Bleep off and go find another site to hack.

  13. When I hit the button to open a facebook page to like…….it is opens my personal facebook site. I can hit skip and try another site and it does the same thing, over and over. What’s going on?

  14. So, regarding my last post about not being able to access pages to LIKE. I was into a PREMIUM session when this happened. I wasn’t able to access sites for 15 hours. I was finally able to access 1 site then the problem occurred again. I changed passwords and accessed 1 site then the problem happened again. That was 4 hours ago. Now, at 3:00pm nearing the end of my 24 hours of premium, I am able to access sites and start liking pages again.

    I would appreciate 19 hours of premium credit……..

  15. Thank ;you. I skipped and skipped and skipped and skipped…..the problem persisted. The error was that, for some unknown reason, YLH directed me to my personal facebook site every time I would try to like into a new page. Regardless of how many times I rebooted, skipped, etc. I would appreciate credit for 19 hours of premium time.

  16. Furthermore, this is what I see when I click on the premium button. What is this?

    Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/premium.php on line 36

  17. YLH, I realize you are trying to do your best to make this site work great. Appreciate all you are doing.

    With the recent changes, seeing some very frustrating results.

    Firstly, FB. While points are harder to accrue, a choice will come up with say 6 points. Click on that and the site returns a page to like that is 2 points or 1 point. Is that by design?

    Secondly, websites. Certain you don’t want to send traffic to sites that are not giving out points, but in 2 of 3 I recently did, that is exactly what took place. It went through the 30 second cycle and then said this website could not be found which means they ran out of points, etc.

    Lastly, there seems no way to get to premium with 200 likes as there is a shortage of pages to like. Again, this appears to be by design which I fear will impact the reliance on this site.

    Regardless, thanks for everything.

  18. hi there, i urchased my points over 24 hours ago and didnt recieve any reply.i wrote 3 emails.

  19. I have added my fb profile page….now if i have to get like to a fan page on another facebook account do we need that facebook profile url too ? or can i just hange the page link with one fb?

  20. ok let me explain again…………I have a facebook account (say A)and fanpage A1 I have another facebook account (say B)and fanpage B1…Now I have added the profile page link from account A in youlikehits. Now can I get likes for fanpage which was made in account B…ie B1?…….hope you get it this time …

  21. Someone already added this page to their account. If you’re the owner of the page you can claim it by temporarily putting “YLH86860” in the “About” section of the page. Once the page is added you can remove this.

  22. Just a quick thank you note guys – I was finally able to add my website. Appreciate it! You rock!

  23. the new like button, followed by confirmation button is taking forever. you have to hit confirm like about 50 times to actually get your points. I loved it last night even when all you had to hit was like and then green confirm. now a second window shows up making you hit like all over again and then it fails to load your points…

    • I’m not sure what you’re talking about. All you have to do is click the Like button and then Confirm Like. This should take less than half the time the old method took.

      • the method your describing worked last night…as of now when i try to like pages, it has me hit the facebook like button, then confirm which is underlined pops up under that…a little window pops up which has me hit confirm again…then i have to hit the other green confirm button and i get points…one out of every 10 times it doenst work at all and i am forced to skip…i cant attach screen shots of whats happening if that helps

      • ** to clear things up the second window im describing that is almost like a little pop up has me hit “like” again not confirm

        and i meant to type “i can attach screenshots” sry

      • Hmm. This must something new that Facebook has put into place. It’s still working on the first try though when I click “Confirm Like”. No issues there.

      • double sorry…this is only happening in google chrome

        its the browser not the site problem solved

  24. also un-liking has become rampant….I will look at my history and compare to my actual likes..i will have up to 25 un-likes in like 10 minutes….

    • Your page has received over 800 likes from YouLikeHits and your page has 1,400 Likes. Who’s to say that the unlikes aren’t coming from the other 600 Likes you had received outside of YouLikeHits?

  25. I face some difficulties in clicking LIKE. After I clicked LIKE, then followed with CONFIRM LIKE.

    I received this message :
    ” We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set. If your profile is Public and this continues to happen then please use a different Facebook Account.
    Then skip this page. ”

    I change another account, still received the same message.

    Furthermore, the 50 free points, it finished! but my fan page LIKE does not increase at all.

    Do advise. TQ

  26. Dear Youlikehits,

    My points are decreasing. But i didnt see any LIKE increase in my fan page.

    Do advise. TQ.

  27. Can anyone tell me who to ask for the 150 FREE Likes that were supposed to be given to all account at the start of the year. I never received any, who to ask?

  28. I am not getting any new likes from 2 days…
    What is the problem????

  29. hi this is misfit650 and ever time i go to subscribe to someone it leaves me with (!) on the side were it say subscribe help me

  30. saying invalid request

  31. it lets me like videos

  32. I used to be able to add a facebook page to get likes, even if I did not have a shor URL on facebook. It looks like now I have to have the custom URL, as in: facebook.com/mypageurl in order to add it to youlikehits for more likes. Problem is of course that I need 25 likes to get a custom URL. I used to come to youlikehits to get those 25 likes and qualify for my shortened URL. Why did this change at youlikehits? Why not continue to allow us to add the pages with the long URL?!

    • This is a new requirement put in place by Facebook. This change was out of our hands. We’re working on a new Facebook system that will not require this but it’s only in the testing phases right now.

  33. i can’t like FB likes. Please help me. Thanks!

  34. first thanks for this great site, I really need help, i changed my country wrong 2 times and i need to set it right please bcoz i need likes from my country

    thanks in advance

  35. when i was sign up i acutely choose now specific country and i thought that i have 2 times left so i change it to another country to get more like from this country i thought that i have last time left but it wasn’t, so please can i set it back to my country last time and for good

  36. so .. i have tried following several stumbleupon accounts, and clicking the confirm button does not work. i get an error “Uh oh …. not logged in …..”
    Well, I am logged in , as the status changes to “Following” every time, so I must be logged in.
    Please help !

  37. Please give you your facebook fan page link

  38. thanks, it is bbcnd45. for example, i have followed XScotX, dandan594, and craiggskyler, confirmed in StumbleUpon, but you when i click confirm, I get the above error message saying either I’m not logged in, or the account does not exist anymore ….

  39. looking good ! thanks alot 🙂

  40. I haven’t received my points yet after purchase – when will this be applied?

    • We apply points within 24 hours of their purchase unless they’re an eCheck or your PayPal or Google Checkout is under review. If it’s been longer than 24 hours please email us with the email address you used.

  41. hi again, it’s bbcnd45, looks like it’s acting up again. I’ve found that every once in a while, the confirmation does not work, and the Follow does not register on the system, even though it does on Stumble. I am not particularly worried, except that Stumble only allows a certain amount of Follows per day, and I don’t want to waste them ! Just today, I have followed FolsomPrisonGang, WebCaptain, and singerleetyler, but I still get the error. Can you please fix ? Thanks !

  42. We want 100 free daily points

  43. Hi, for some reason it won’t allow me to add my website, it comes up with ‘Oops
    We were unable to grab information from the URL you posted’, but when I added my website for the linked in share it worked no problem, is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? Please help.

  44. What happened to the 100 daily points? I only got 50 today 😦

  45. hi, can you help with the confirmation errors i am still getting,thanks bbcnd45

  46. ok i got it how am supposed to get the point but i want to know how am going to get the likes”? please tell me anyone who knows!!!

  47. whats the point of youlikehits when im losing almost all of the likes i get, the same day i get them :/ i hate that people just get the points then unlike the facebook page that defeats the purpose for people using it for the fairness.

  48. hi, you’ve fixed this problem for me before, see above. can you assist, please ! so frustrating …..

    hi again, it’s bbcnd45, looks like it’s acting up again. I’ve found that every once in a while, the confirmation does not work, and the Follow does not register on the system, even though it does on Stumble. I am not particularly worried, except that Stumble only allows a certain amount of Follows per day, and I don’t want to waste them ! Just today, I have followed FolsomPrisonGang, WebCaptain, and singerleetyler, but I still get the error. Can you please fix ? Thanks !

  49. Will YouTube Added Soon Or what i Need it And Ill Spend All my 30 Thousand points On YouTube 😀

    it dosent say my acount is active or unactive dosent say anything and i carnt sub to people and people carnt sub to me 😦
    if you know what to do please tell me thanks

  51. For some reason it errors out when I add my website.

  52. can yuo fix my problem please, i have tried again over the last few days, but still same issues ….

  53. Please remove the locked Facebook pages from list!
    we are wasting our time in skipping them..

  54. It could be nice if you have an option to change all the payouts with one click

  55. moataz beheta

    Is there a specific number of Twitter accounts that can be added in YouLikeHits ?

  56. moataz beheta

    Allow to the members to send their points to other members

  57. moataz beheta

    How I can know the number of twitter accounts used in the My Account

  58. I’m getting this error with all youtube channels I want to add:
    “We couldn’t find the channel you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct username.”

    And yes, I filled in the channel correctly. Because on my friends YouLikeHits accounts I cán add random youtube channels. But on mine I can’t . Please solve

  59. hello,is there any chance of getting unlimited twitter accounts as currently only 5 can be added maximum and then the account is of no use for lot of us…then use a proxy and make new account etc etc…so will that be possible?

  60. moataz beheta

    Please return the old style of Facebook pages like
    because there are many problem in the currently style

    or you can add “Like Page (In a new window )” and “Confirm Liking”

  61. in my history page, i dont even have a fb box. why not?

  62. Hy in History Its Showing My I got 10 views on youtube videos but in youtube video manager Still same em not getting Views….Why

  63. moataz beheta

    Please return the old style of Facebook pages like
    because there are many problem in the currently style

    or you can add “Like Page (In a new window )” and “Confirm Liking”

  64. Suggestions:

    The same way people can tweet for you, they could:

    submit a link to StumbleUpon
    submit a link to a specific reddit section

    I would love this feature.

  65. i not getting 100 fans per day

  66. i added fb page as a website but clicks increasing but fans not increasing

    i dont know why

    at first fans increased then fans not increasing plz rectify the error


  67. i am not getting twitter followers so help me now

    u have this feature so help me

  68. not getting followers in twitter so help me

    when pts there but getting low follower

  69. pts is 1000 i just set 10 pts

    i am not getting 10 followers exactly

  70. Hi. This is what you need to add, nobody else have it. It will be massive popular : Soundcloud Favourites

  71. i am getting problem in reverbnation section. Unable to add a page. Please check out ADMIN..

  72. you tube section was working very well i earned lot of credits with liking vdo’s but now it’s not working..every time when i click on like a msg appears that “We’re having trouble verifying that you liked this video. Try clicking “I’ve Liked This Video” again.
    If that doesn’t work then click the green “Like Video” button and unlike the video after doing so hit “I’ve Liked This Video” and then repeat.”… same problem with every vdo… pls help asap…thanks

  73. Please add facebook like’s and subscribs

  74. Getting problem in Youtube Like Section..

  75. Hi. I have problems with the youtube likes section and also the views. Just getting – “We’re having trouble verifying that you liked this video. Try clicking “I’ve Liked This Video” again.
    If that doesn’t work then click the green “Like Video” button and unlike the video after doing so hit “I’ve Liked This Video” and then repeat.” It worked before but the last week it have been like this all the time. Also problems view videos at youtube. Also, did you look at the Soundcloud favourites? It should be easy to implement?

  76. When I try to put points on Google+ Circles and Pinterest Follows it won’t let me set the points! Please HELP!

  77. hello.
    I like it!

  78. Hi. The Youtube likes section works fine now. But there are some thing that is very frustrating. In the Youtube views section, then you must view a video for 30 sec, thats oki, BUT…..lots of people abusing this and let their video be up there for more than 4-5 points for 20-25 sec, then removes it. I am sure I have viewed 100 videos (3000 seconds of my life), looking at videos and get this message “We couldn’t find the video you’re attempting to view.” Its so annoying. I think the system should be like when a user starts to view a video, the points are safe. It should benefit the viewer, not the other way around. If people are doing this on purpose, or it is a glitch, I don`t know, but very very very frustrating.

    Any news about the Soundcloud Favoruites exchange?

  79. Hello. Im having problems with YLH. My activity is not updating ever since last night. It doesn´t show in my history. Is this a general issue?

  80. As I have had no response from YLH can anyone tell me why this site puts your webpage under review??????

  81. Reported for what??? We have not broken any YLH rules! Obviously a competitor making false reports. If this is how YLH treat their members without an explanation or who reported and what for, then no point in using YLH.

  82. So it’s as easy as pressing the report button on any website then telling your friends to do the same to get your competitors site taken down . Surely you must have a procedure for handling inappropriate reporting? Both our websites which are under review have not broken any rules. Are we not entitled to see who reported and why our sites have been reported? We have a very good idea who is behind this. It would be the same company who is and has violated our trademark.

  83. So can you kindly inform us what they are reported for? I mean family stickers surely isn’t a inappropriate site.

  84. I just looked and funny enough they have both had the under review taken away!!

  85. That’s funny, when I looked again this morning they were under review hence my messages on this blog. All good though i guess until next time.

  86. Thanks anyway. Should there not be a more detailed report from a complainent besides just pressing the red report button?

  87. Hi Admin,

    I have a video and when i try to upload on your site ,system says its already uploaded by some user can you ask that user to remove or can you transfer to my account.If u want i can prove that its my video.

    url : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQAHNrS5WCo

  88. youtube likes does not work, do not give points. Thanks.

  89. Hi, being new to YLH, I am wondering is it normal for people to LIKE either our youtube video and or twitter accounts, then immediatlely press the unlike buttons or unfollow buttons?
    Seems sometimes when we get likes or follows there is unlikes and unfollows!

  90. Have been a user of your site since inception for Facebook, which worked well until you got the C&D. Have not had a reason to use YLH for any other reason, but decided to try the youtube views. Can’t say that service works well at all, as the views claimed on YLH exceed 1,000 and all that has been added to my view count is just under 50 views. The disclaimer states to wait 72 hours, but it has been well over a week that prompted me to point this out in the hopes that some correction to your service as it is simply not working for me.

    • YouTube views have about a 1:10 ratio of converting. I suggest using your points more towards Video Likes which tend to not only give you the Like but also a View for each Like.

      • Thanks. Will give it a try, but learning this after using a ton of points is frustrating.

      • The ratio can be a lot better to some people though. YouTube decides if the views are legit or not so if you have a lot of natural traffic coming in at the same time then you will get 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of views. If you don’t have much then it can be a very low ratio.

  91. i added 2 youtube video for liking but not getting likes
    i just got only 4 likes even i set points to 15

    check it and supply solution now

  92. Hi YLH, I’ve had 2 videos added and have been receiving likes and views but recently even if I set points to my max of 10, both videos seem to get no views or likes anymore! Please advise?

  93. I bought $15.00 dollars or 2500 Youlikehits on 10/29/2012 I have not received my points yet.

  94. I got a referral from someone using your site when did I get my points to my account.

  95. Hi. I cant add YouTube channel for Subscribers option. Your system always says – Oops
    We couldn’t find the channel you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct channel username.
    But I have been checking many times! Even tried other ones… Still no chance to add.
    What to do then?

  96. Hello is there a problem with retweets and favourites at the moment or is it just my account? This was my favourite feature of YLH!!

  97. I’m having a problem with adding a Twitter account. It just gives the following error each time:

    Uh Oh
    We couldn’t find the Twitter account you’re trying to add. Please make sure you entered the correct username.

    Yes, my account is fairly new (from September), just changed my username, and it’s doing the same thing again.

    Please help.

  98. myy account on YLH says i got over 100 views but my video on youtube says 60 and it has beeen like that for about 3 weeks now

  99. I like the videos that are in the “Youtube Likes” category. When I click the “Like” button, the “confirmed i liked it” selection doesn’t appear, why is that?

  100. I cannot access my account facebook or twitter

  101. I’d like to ask a question, Im trying to help my freind get more subscribers on youtube, would I get in trouble if I added my freinds channel on my channel list?

  102. My views arent going through to youtube on here it says like 280 and on youtube it says 150

  103. Since I don’ know where to post this I am posting it here : for the second time i have been banned from viewing youtube videos because i am supposed to be using a bot or some thing of the sort ..well : first i am NOT a cheater and I NEVER used any bots and then just go to my history you’ll see I have only 300 points and am not using any supicious softwares…this is the second time it’s happening to me on this site and i can only assume 2 things : wether the site is not safe and my account has been hacked, or when users are noy buying enough points you are forcing them to buy points by preventing them from using the system…I find it really strange…I was viewing a video and then suddenly i was banned…I spend many hours gaining points just to see all that hard work being wasted…Last time I contacted you directly and you just told me that you didn’t like cheaters….well i agree with you…There are starnge things happening but I am NOT a cheater..I do wish you would set things straight.. my

  104. FB Likes, added the .xhtml as downloaded and it keeps giving an error

    Uh Oh
    The file you entered is not an HTML file. Make sure that you’re uploading the file we gave you.

    Glad to see that you brought it back, hope I can get it to work.

  105. How does it come that on youtube views, youtube likes and others, now about 30 to 60 % of those you click, result in 1 point only instead of the promised 8 to 14 points. When you start viewing or liking practically everyone of those having the highest points will give you only 1 point, Only after some time of clicking you sometimes get the promised points. The explanation “they just ran out of points” is surely correct, however there is clearly a trick to first e.g. make appear about 10 youtube pages viewable with a promise of 9 points, of which then exactly everyone runs out of points when they are clicked. The only way to be sure to get more then 1 point, is to click a 4 point view, or website hit or whatever.
    I make it a habit to go directly in my youtube history and remove the “like” for those who gave me only 1 point. If everyone does that, maye the cheat will not be applied anymore. I dont click any youtube views. 1 point in up to 1 minutes is not worth that


  107. ylh, are you going to do anything about these spam fake accounts on tweeter? they all say the same damn thing and have one tweet, for example: ” Edmon_kedotram ‏@Edmon_kedotram @alinanagyy @FilthyMenez @wddahaladab – EASY WAY TO GET FREE FOLLOWERS http://is.gd/HLv143

    these damn people are taking away the credibility of real users. can you do anythiung?

  108. can you put comments on here for youtube because i think it would help people out alot more with views to?

  109. My fb html link doesnt work properly?

  110. What’s up with the database?

    I just keep getting
    “I cannot connect to the database because: Too many connections”.

    Is there a plan to fix it, so I can start using this fantastic website?

  111. I got banned from Subscribing when I was subscribing to people? LOL.

  112. I just got banned for no reason from the subscribers i have been subscribing to people and it still banned me for no reason

  113. Uh, I have a simple question. 3 days ago, I added a video to the views section for YouTube, I got around 75 more views but they haven’t shown on YouTube, help please?

    • Have the views shown up yet? It’s possible that not all of them will show up because YouTube validates views with a tricky algorithm. For some reason they don’t see some views from YLH as legit even though they certainly are.

      • Nope, only like 4, but on the page it says my one video has 75 and my other one has 170, my first video has 33 and the second has 70

  114. May I suggest using a different referral link for YouTube views? The views are always counted as mobile views, which, in the end, doesn’t count towards views in total.

    • Our referral link is not from a mobile site though. It shouldn’t be detecting anything mobile unless the user who is viewing is on a mobile browser.

      • I know. But for some reason they’re counted as mobile views. And anyway, in the end, the views aren’t coming up due to the referral link.

      • Interesting. We’re using a new referrer link now. Let us know if it improves conversion.

      • I’m afraid not, unfortunately. I had 510 views on a video (YLH, before the new link) and after a month, none showed up. I recently promoted a video, (With your new referal link) it boosted by about 50 views, but on Youtube; there was only a 2 view gain. Maybe you guys should remove the view section. I know how hard you guys at YLH tend to work to keep the site perfect, but if nobody is gaining anything from a promised promotion, it really just steals both points and time.

  115. A lot of times it says “We couldn’t verify that you liked the video.” when I press like on a youtube video.. why?

  116. hii..i’m new in this YLH..the problem is i cannot setup for my page..any help please?

  117. ok..here the step:

    YLH home –> Fb like setting –> enter my page’s url –> refresh –> done –> need to continue setup (setup my page) –> download html like button –> Upload this file to a website without opening it or making any changes to it. You can use a free web host or a paid one like GoDaddy. Use either a “File Manager” or “FTP” to upload the file.(i got stuck at this step, i cannot understand that, can you clear it up for me by detail)..tqvm

  118. I have more than 3 days of waiting for YouTube views are not seen in the video and do not know how, please explain to me because they want to appear

    • If it’s stuck at 300 views then you must wait for them to be approved. If it’s over 300 and they’re still not showing up then YouTube did not approve them.

  119. Hi, i have a problem to add my instagram account, when i try to type my account name and enter and then ” We couldn’t find the Instagram account you’re trying to add. Please make sure you entered the correct username. Also make sure that your Instagram profile is not set to Private”. My account ïs not private. can you help me please? Thank you.

  120. hi 😦 I cant go to ur website. It says dns error – server not found Heeeelp

  121. Something is wrong.
    Make sure that you upload the html file we gave you without modifying it. Please check the source code on the live site and make sure that your host is not adding any additional code to the file when uploaded. Things like CloudFlare or Analytics codes may be added by your hosting company.

    The file you entered is not an HTML file. Make sure that you’re uploading the file we gave you

    when i try to add my fb page i got this message what is the steps please .

    should i upload my FB Page.html Or upload the sface66807.html after download it please suuport

  122. TheFameWalker

    Are views from YLH counted as real, legit views? My video got frozen and the view says ‘301+’, is it ok?? thanks

  123. i hava like 1,000 views in the youlikehits and i have like a month waiting to see in you and i dont see anything danm that page is a big fake

  124. It’s not letting me add my Instagram account. It keeps saying ” This Instagram account is already connected to an account on YouLikeHits.
    You can only connect your Instagram to a single YouLikeHits account. ”
    & before that it kept saying that it couldn’t find my Instagram account OR that my account was set to private, which I know is not true.
    YLH did this with my last Instagram account to, and it’s very frustrating.
    Does this mean that someone else connected MY Instagram account to there YLH account?
    Cause if so, I can prove that @DrawingAnonymous is my Instagram. PLEASE HELP!

  125. I cant get into your website. You havent helped me 😦

  126. the youtube likes/subscriptions haven’t been working for me since last night, when i try to like one it says its no longer available but for all videos 😦

  127. ok thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated!! 🙂

  128. the fucking page when i put like i a youtube video, i dont receive the point a did like 4 time and dont give me anything help me danm am hangry ungry whatever

  129. There are more problems and bug in ylh.

    1-) captcha usually show error but is correct (this captcha do not work well) i click 3 CORRECT cross and the captcha show “error captcha” without any reason

    2) pinterest followers give always error and do not work “Pinterest isn’t giving us the information we need to verify that you Followed this profile.
    This means that either Pinterest is down or they’re not sending us the # of Followers verify that you followed the page.”

    3) soundcloud do not credit the points, i follow users but give always the message of error and do not credit points “SoundCloud says you aren’t following @…”

    4) reverbatiion fans there are 4 user that is impossible to skyp (the button do not skyp)

    5) pinterest pin give always this error “We didn’t find this Repin on your Pinterest account. Make sure you’re logged into montagnabig on Pinterest when Repinning.”

    Can you fix these errors please

    Many thanks

  130. 6) Stumbleupon Following do not credit show always this error “StumbleUpon says you aren’t following..” but i follow correctly more users and show always this error

    Thanks for support

    • Thanks. The things you reported should work correctly now.

      • Hi admin, there are news for bug reported? It’s very hard to use more social on YLH becaude do not credit points. thanks

      • Hi admin, the captcha is very bugged, I clicked today 4 correct captcha and show usually “error captcha” without any reason, i clicked always correct captcha and usually show “error captcha”. This captcha have problems in another social exchange too, have the same problem with this type of captcha. Thanks for fix, Best Regards

  131. Pinterest Followers now works
    ReverbNation Fans now works

    It’s very hard to receive point with SoundCloud Followers and StumbleUpon Follower because show always not follow the user, I followed over 100 soundcloud users and received only 2-3 account confirmed and points credited.

    Thanks for fix.

    Best Regard

    • Today pinterest followers give this error “Pinterest isn’t giving us the information we need to verify that you Followed this profile.” i tryed more user to follow and give always this error. Thanks

  132. I don’t see the option to follow people on instagram for points… how am I supposed to get instagram followers?

  133. Google+ adding to circle is a bit bugged and doesnt give points a lot of the time

  134. The Premier League

    whenever i try to add my channel it says its not found 😦 how do i solve this? heres my channel maybe u guy can check it out: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtuyGsOYL3xz4HGQ-0jiOQ

    And uncheck private subscribers!

    I’ve done it, and it still says the SAME -.-

    I tried other site like YLH And it WORKED -_-

  136. Is youlikehits safe in terms of google panda and penguin updates? I dont want my website get penalized, what do you reckon?

  137. When ever i try to get points by subbing or liking i dont get any points

  138. Why does my views keep getting stuck at 301?:(

  139. There’s a problem, the system does not guarantee that your video will get views, because when you open a video to watch, it starts counting to 30 seconds (the time needed for youtube to account for the view, right?) but that doesn’t mean the person watched it for 30 seconds, because the page takes like 2/5 seconds to load. So, the window often closes when the video is at 0:27 or so…. My suggestion is to give it a margin, like 40-50 seconds instead of 30. I don’t know if you can write a script to guarantee that the window will only close when the video receives the view.

  140. yaw Hi YLH !!
    Just one question, I added my facebk account on it and when to setup for YLH,, it apprear some steps.. so at the step2 after downloading the html file.. I upload it to mediafire.. I put the link to step3 and appears “Uh Oh Something is Wrong” can u plzz help me about that !!

  141. Youtube subscriber no work

  142. Hi,
    Does the Youtube view section have some troubles ? I can’t get points by viewing videos, and can’t get some views for my owns

    Thank you

  143. Yeah of course, but having a video of 200 views with for example 180 likes, it’s not really logical ^^ i’ll find something else then, thank you

  144. yes but to public to me it shows 5 and when i click show as public it shows 0

  145. Every time i when i want to add vk page it writes me that i have less then 1 subscriber, but I have more than 100. Help. Sorry for English

  146. Since of yesterday the page that comes up with the video for youtube likes seems to have shrinked. The like button is out of the frame making it impossible to like the video. What gives? Thanks.

  147. hello, please can you sort out my latest url, my name is DOCKO1998 and i have bought premium for 60 minutes and have also set the points to 15 but nothing, at first i got 7 likes but then it stopped. please help.

  148. The “Like” and “Subscriptions” do not work well on the page does not give points

  149. Youtube likes do not work. For two Days I only get “We couldn´t verify that you liked the video”. Whats up with that? Thanks!

  150. hello, its DOCKO1998 here again, now all the videos will not gain any likes, please look into it.

    • Sorry about that. There was a bug in the Liking system on our end. I’ve added 17 hours of premium back to your account.

      However, your video is still Like locked. This means that YouTube is not allowing your video to be liked until someone verifies the likes.

  151. Once again the youtube likes do not work. Please help. Thanks!

  152. hello, i have a buisness opportunity for you.

    you will earn anywhere from $20 – $50 a week and i can pay directly to paypal

    if interested message back.

  153. The Youtube Like feature does not work. When opening a new video it does not load at all. Just a blanc page. Please help.

  154. Still not possible to Like Youtube videos. Please correct the problem.

  155. i suggest to make the daily bonus evry 20 hour not 24 🙂
    so ppl that are all days on site can win 1 day evry week

    it will make ppl coming and make them more active

  156. Sir What happening in Linked In ? when we can share Linked In ???

  157. how can i see the tool?. I want to see the people who like and unlike my page with the detailed information. When i use insight facebook i just see the number of likers and unlikers

  158. Okay I have a question by me using youlikehits.com
    For views will my views count as fake when YouTube.com does their 301+ $canner thing

  159. this is a joke?? “Get 150 Free Points every day!
    Do at least 75 Twitter Follows, Instagram Follows or YouTube Subscribes/Video Likes to be rewarded below!” 75 ?????? mad and if 75 / day only 150 free points ? rofl

  160. I want to delete my account how do

  161. hammodgrimmie07

    when i try to add my channel for subscribers it says ” Oops
    You must have at least 1 subscriber to have your channel added. ”

    any help ?

  162. Is it possible to open a second account? Second question – can you please add TSU for follows, etc.

  163. no problem just a suggestion
    can you add option in youtube views section to select countries in which to show the video ?

  164. everytime i like a video this comes up ‘We couldn’t verify that you liked the video’

  165. It says they have followed me and i checked but nothing happened

  166. It doesn’t work help

  167. its not letting me add my Soundcloud page. It keeps saying : This SoundCloud account is already connected to an account on YouLikeHits

    However I have not set it to anything yet. PLEASE HELP!

  168. I’m trying to post a new song and it’s saying it can’t find the url?

  169. We couldn’t grab the information we need to add this video to our system.
    This usually means that the video is set to Private. what can i do

  170. every time i put my tweet id so i can retweet it the site tells me we could not find the tweet you are trying to add and i dont know why i am 100% sure that the tweet id is correct

  171. On the manager your twitter what setting do I set it to? (Off or more than 30)

  172. For some reason I can’t add my Twitter post Id to retweet. It keeps on saying the id couldn’t be found.
    Please help

  173. i make account and can’t activate it

  174. why now, i can add soundcloud follower and twitter

  175. I can’t add a youtube channel to the site

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