YouTube Changes

We’re going to be changing our YouTube section on YouLikeHits soon.  Instead of giving YouTube Views we’re going to be offering YouTube Subscribers.  YouTube doesn’t count views the same way that they used too.  They don’t count 100% of the Views and use some secret algorithm to decide which ones should be counted.  We feel subscribers are more important to our YouTube users anyway and this feature should be replace within the next couple of days.


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  1. Nice!!! maybe a youtube section for video likes too???

  2. You are owesome Youlikehits.

  3. Can you please add another feature?
    A section to exchange actual diggs and nOt followers !

  4. Is it possible to do youtube friends

  5. admin..

    can you give more space for add fans page..


    you can sell a vip account in YLH withs more service…. like 10 facebook space fans page 😀

  6. To be perfectly frank, Youtube views are JUST as important if not more important than subscribers sometimes…

    I personally, it’d be great if you had three tabs: Views, Likes, and Subscribers.

    • Like I said, YouTube doesn’t count views the same way anymore. A large number of the views coming from external sites are no longer being counted.

      • YouTube will still count incoming views from external sites it’s mainly dependent upon the IP Addresses I don’t think you should completely do away with views because you are one of if not the ONLY site left that still offers this feature. Even if ALL the views are not counted it’s still a view and a potential NEW fan or subscriber for someone.

        I would say figure out a way to combine the two in one like while viewing a video the option to subscribe to the channel for additional points is there at the same time right under the video. I’m sure you guys could do it. I’m positive that youtube is still giving anywhere from %50 to %70 of ALL external views. And as I said even the ones not counted are still a REAL VIEW, regardless if it counts or not.

        I suggest adding not subtracting.

  7. Is there any way around views not being counted as much? Views are far more important than subscribers!

  8. Also, I personally have subscribed to a couple people from ylh because I liked their videos. I have went to youtube from the video and subbed. If you have people just able to sub without seeing the person’s work that gives subscribers who are not as in tuned to who they are subbing to. With the ability to see a video for 60 secs while subbing, getting points for both, there’s a better chance for REAL supporters.

    Just a thought.

    Love what you guys are doing!


  9. There are many sub websites, I loved it here because we got actual views on our tubes.

  10. I still love the views. Please keep it, please.

  11. But it is still a good feature to have views as people are actually watching your video regardless of weather Youtube counts the views or not. If people enjoy the video, they will share it.

  12. Sorry to post this here but I didn’t find any other place to inform about this… seems that Youtube counter is not working atm. Videos can be viewed but the counter stays at 0 and no points is being added.

  13. Did the subscribe update ever happen? @youlikehits

  14. I would like the subscriber feature for sure!

  15. oh ok.. thanks ^_^

  16. How come youlikehits says I get the views but youtube does not?

    • YouTube caches all views. This means that YouTube probably hasn’t updated the view count yet. Also, sometimes YouTube doesn’t count external views. We guarantee that the view was made though.

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