Becoming Premium without Buying Points

In order to become Premium without buying points you must Like at least 200 pages within 48 hours instead of 100 pages within 24 hours.  This change was made because of the amount of competition there currently is for Premium members.  It was starting to give less benefit to those that are premium because there were so many users that were premium and competing for Likes/Follows/etc.


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  1. You have done a great job I like it so much.Plz move on with good changes.

  2. Any idea how long it will be before Youtube is bacc?

  3. For some reason the website is NOT working for me, however it works for other people. Am I banned or something?

  4. Hi I cannot Like using Facebook as when I try to like a page it will only take me to my own Facebook Profile Page so I cannot complete the process.

  5. having problem in liking pages….it says that it cannot verify…please help

  6. thanks for freezing my account and not responding to any of my emails. I really appreciate it!

  7. problem in likeing the facebook pages plz solve the problem

  8. Pray add gOOgle plus follows( add to circles ) to your site! Please!

  9. join useing this 50 Points per Referral!

  10. YLH, no matter how many pages I “like” it is not getting verified.

    Please let me know what needs to be done and if there is a fix in the works.


  11. Facebook likes down again! liked around 75 pages but none got verified. This is the same since last 2 days. kindly check and rectify!

  12. Facebook isn’t giving us the information we need to verify that you Liked this page.
    This means that either Facebook is down or they’re not sending us the # of Likes to verify that you Liked the page

  13. I’m getting this on every page at the moment too

  14. same here 😦

  15. I Have some problem .I have a Facebook page and Today i start liking facebook page at 1 AM (GMT 6+) and after 5 hours Youlikeshits showing me that i get 129 likes from Youlikeshits . But now the total like of my Facebook page is 103 . I:E: 21% User is deslikes my page after getting point .
    Now what can i do ?

    • You can compare the people that Liked your page with the people that showed up in your History and send us that list so that we can start banning users who unlike.

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