We have added LinkedIn Shares!

We just added LinkedIn Shares to the site.  Let us know if you run into any issues while using this new section.

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  1. When is coming youtube views 🙂

  2. What are you going to do about the aggressive like – unlikers? It’s rife within your system and there doesn’t seem to be any provision to deal with it. So why buy points?

  3. Hello admin i am unable to add youtube account, it say that this is not valid account i tried my 2 other youtube accounts but same error plz hlep me

  4. Can you guys please unban my websites. Username: OGKEYS I have been emailing you guys and leaving messages on this site for almost two weeks now. The sites have been banned and unbanned before. They are clean and do not break any of your rules.



  5. Hey Guys, you do realise that not many new facebook pages still require 25 likes to get a vanity URL right? And that a lot of people use this system to help get them there too!

    So how come you have now made it that you need a vanity URL to add a facebook page? It seems to totally defeat one of the best features about this site and i don’t get why you would do that????

    • Facebook recently changed it so that we can’t receive a pages information until they have a username set.

      • I see 😦 That really sucks! God knows what is going on with user-names??? Create a page it lets you get a user-name straight away. Then the next time it makes you get 25 and this inconstancy is the only consistent thing. Thanks for the answer….that really is a pain in the *** but i appreciate your speedy reply

      • Why you dont reply my posts Mannn :/
        Are you going to add Youtube Back,Bcs i Am Going to buy Arond 500 Dollars Credits If u add i Sware,Ive Bought 40,000 Credits 1 Month ago i will re buy 🙂

  6. Great for the new additions, but when is the YouTube stuff going to be fixed?

  7. Please Make Your Website option Auto-Surf.it Will Be Better

  8. That s because we keep getting that “OH-OH” message! Happens ALL the time!

    • This also explains why I get on average 2 subscribers per hour even after setting the payout to 10. I’m not alone with this problem.

    • Yeah I got the same problem. Every time when I’m trying to subscribe to the channel this note emerging: “You’re not Subscribed to —— or YouTube hasn’t updated yet.
      Make sure that you are logged into —— and that you’re subscribed to —–.
      Also make sure that “Subscribed to a Channel” is checkmarked on this page.
      Then click “I’ve Subscribed” again.”

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