Changes to the Daily Free Points

You’re no longer required to do a bunch of things before getting your 50 free points.  You can simply claim your free points each day just by logging in.  The green “Claim 50 Free Points” button will not show up if you have already claimed your 50 free points for the day.


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  1. Whenever i liked youtube videos i get this message: ”The video you’re trying to like no longer exists.” but when i click ‘I’ve Liked this Video!’ 20x it pass sometimes.
    please fix this annoying error.

  2. Thank you for the change. Please bring back facebook like option if possible as it is still running on other sites

    • We can’t do that. Sorry.

      • Youlikehits, i can understand that there would be some reason, that’s why you are not bringing back fb likes. But take a look at your competitors, they changed there way, to full fill the facebook policies. Evey they have introduced, fb weblinks, as well fb subscribers.

        So I think if you can do it, facebook will not do anything if you full fill there policies as your competitors did…

        anyways, peace..

      • Our competition changed because Facebook had changed things on their site. Facebook does not want them to continue at all.

  3. I really think 100 points keeps the economy at a good level. So why not make us not have to do anything for 50, and then have to do things for a extra 50? Why not? 😀 100 points is so much better for us all! 😉

  4. I could suggest a rank level for extra point. This for sure will boost for everyone and includes the subscriber. Something like 50 on login + more 100 when you hit daily 300 point (on likes, fav, views etc). To reach that level you will need to (likes, fav, views) lots of accounts. in return you will receive some back (until empty the wallet). After all it will give more return to payed credits (this + 100 does not include existing account but rather 300 point earned each day. 🙂 tell me what you think. even running like it is it’s a must!!

  5. Where are Twitter tweets?

    • We figured it’s silly to have both “Tweets” and “Retweets”.

      • I know 5 people who were using only tweets on YouLikeHits. Much better thing for the promotion. Retweets will see only people who are following the person, but tweets can see everybody if you put hashtags in it. And it’s stupid if person with 2 followers retweet you, people are just losing their points. Just a suggestion, not hating or anything since I use this site for about 8 months now every single day.

  6. What is happening with the Linkedin shares, even if you set your payout on 2 it eats up your point right away, but no Linkedin shares are given

    • I currently have 3 sites with different payouts and the Shares are working without issue. Please make sure that your URL is not banned from LinkedIn.

  7. Retweets are not working well, i’m losing points but i’ve got no retweets 😦

    • I checked your Tweet. Looks like it’s been retweeted successfully. Check your “tweet” itself and it’ll show you the number. Alternatively you can click on “Connect” in Twitter.

  8. Having a problem adding websites.

  9. yeah there’s a problem in the retweet, i’m losing all of my points and when i check my twitter there’s none :/

  10. Just saying THANK YOU for bringing the tweet option back!

  11. Something needs to be done about the missing retweets, its NOT due to Twitter caching retweets at all, they just dont show up ever. Used to work, now it does. Was an awesome feature, now its an empty pit to pour points into. Such a shame.

  12. I’m still unable to add new website. The timer sticks at 0 Seconds

  13. what about youtube favorite? 🙂

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