Get Pinterest Repins/Likes Coming Soon

We will be adding Pinterest Repins and Likes very soon.  We’re currently testing them now.

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  1. hi

    please pay attention – all the G+ votes are being deleted by their users after the vote – from 132 clicks i got 0 votes – please fix this!


    • That’s not true.

      Google does not show all of the +1’s obtained through YLH on the widget counters due to privacy settings on each Google+ account. However all the +1’s will still show up as a “Share” on the users Google+ account and in their friends Google search results.

  2. how can this be measured?

  3. 50/50innertainment

    Hello I had sent a message via email twice that you have a bug in your system. I deleted my Myspace account from Youlikehits and it keeps taking away points in my history feed saying that people have friended me on Myspace.I have lost over a 1000 points do to this and No one has sent me any friend requests on Myspace, if you can fix this asap I would appreciate it as I am losing points for nothing, Thanks.

  4. i bought 2500 points for $15, its not still in my account!

    • We add points within 24 hours of your purchase. If it’s been more than 24 hours then please give me the paypal or google email that you used so that I can look into it for you.

  5. it has been 14 hr now :3

  6. 50/50innertainment

    My user name is 50/50innertainment , thanks for your help youlikehits.

  7. WOW! I wonder why I haven’t been getting any Twitter followers lately!

    I just realized why! On the main page out of the 25 or so names listed, ATLEAST 15 of them are Protected Accounts. Not only are these people getting free followers from those who like try to get points and Skip after they don’t but they’re holding the main page down for everyone!! Please fix this guys! 😦

    • Just click “Confirm” on any user who has their account set to Protected. The system will then detect it and remove them from the list.

      • Damn, already skipped over them all. Will remember this for the future. But if you check the first and second pages they’re FILLED with them currently.

  8. Does that also apply to Twitter accounts that go to “Pending” when followed? Re Pinterest Pins, getting a bit annoyed at people like sedishin who puts a number after his name and must have about 30 fake accounts as have seen from sedishin1 to sedishin30 so far. Pins are not going to be seen by many if he pins them. Looking forward to Repins though. Good work.

  9. Are the repins and likes nearly ready yet? Thanks

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