YouLikeHits Changes

We’ve made a few changes today to the system to help it run faster and smoother with less error messages.

Let us know if you notice anything not working correctly or acting oddly.  Thanks!

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  1. hi trying to add my website but it keeps forwarding the page to the site without adding the site url to your site instead

  2. are you guys gonna add facebook

  3. Sign up button doesn’t work…

  4. The youtube views are going crazy (It takes 52 seconds to views.) Sometime 68 ….Please fix!!

  5. heu? :O This wasnt normal…:(

    Since yesterday such much time…

  6. The YouTube Likes Is Still Giving Problems cause it’s having trouble verify it and YouTube is currently not sending us the information needed to verify the Like. Can you fix this PLEASE?

  7. I’ver tried to add my google+ profile but it keeps telling me I need at least to be in 1 circle. I am already in 2 circles so I dont understand why it keeps on saying I need to be in more circles. Same with the twitter account. First it told me I need at least 25 followers. It took me 2 hours to sort this ( I got more than 25 now) and now its telling me it cant find the twitter profile.

  8. Hi, thanks for responding. The twitter account has been validated succesfully. Now only the google plus profile.

    Hope you can come up with a solution.



  9. Hi admin

    Can you add on YT likes section to not show in my YT video stats like referer “youlikehits” ?

    Actually in my YT stats I look in refer “youlikehits”.

    Solve this problem please


  10. Hello ,

    My question is;
    Why I dont see “I’ve liked” button at youtube like section?
    here is the capture , please check it.

    any one has the answer?
    Thanks in advance.

    my id is: seryou

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