Facebook Likes Test

We ran another Facebook Page likes test today and we’re very happy with the results.

We created the page at 4:16pm CST with only 1 Like.  With Premium and a payout of 10 we were able to get 725 Likes by 4:16AM CST which is only 12 hours.  YouLikeHits registered 746 Likes on the site so there were only 21 people who Unliked.

725 Likes can turn your Facebook page into something people can trust.  It’s perfect for “social proof”.  People tend to have more faith in a business that others “Like”.


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  1. I am getting this message

    Our system has detected the use of a bot or macro on your system.
    You’re not allowed to use these types of automated systems with YouLikeHits.

    I have no bot or anything or have no idea what a macro is lol

    please fix this

  2. never mind it seemed to be an error message

    can that happen from liking pages 2 fast ?

    also I found an indian site that says this site may be an attack please do not enter your password

    Ill try to find the page to send it to you guys

  3. I agree, much more likes registering now, gettin more likes now that are staying, but the points are still low…but thats not YLH, thats us users being tight, lol
    Just for clarification, from my understanding, you can have 7 facebook profile accounts on your YLH account, can we rotate this any number of times, just using these 7 accounts, or can we only change the facebook account 7 times in total…

  4. good question katy

    i only have 1 profile so i have no clue but I imagine lol

    • Hi Steve, the problem for me is, have liked a lot of pages, and now getting low points, and now the spammer bot users have gone, there are not a lot of 9 pointers that I have not liked, which is probably why users are unliking. So if I put a new facebook account on, I think I will get a lot of 9 pointers back. Just trying to work out the limitations and how to increase my points quicker. which, if it is just a matter of using a different facebook acount, maybe can rotate every month or so, but if we can only change the facebook profile 7 times, there is limitations to how many likes each YLH account can get…….Then we will need to open another account, but this is ip checked and will get a ban….and really dont want that, cos this is an excellent concept….

  5. katy i think you can only use 1 account

    I only use 1 account & im fine

    • I know that Steve, lol, thats what i am saying, we only allowed 1 YLH account, and can have 7 facebook profiles, but I am not sure whether we can only change the profile 7 times, or change the profile 1000 times, but only using the 7 accounts…
      Mind you, summit I wasn’t thinking about, the points are alot lower now, so its not costing as much to get to the front of the Q….
      If the YLH team could clear this up for me….thanx…

  6. I liked this new version of liking Facebook page but you had retired it i want to know why

  7. i actually perfer the new facebook liking system better the old one was to glitchy

  8. FB works just fine, but I haven’t been around long enough to compare it to anything else.

    What is up with the StumbleUpon followers having 0 likes, 0 followers? People create accounts just to do this with, huh? A couple of people have been real, but the majority != real users. Any tips? Get real friends? =P

  9. Hey no doubt, You Like Hits works! Though there is a drop off … but that adds to the reality anyway. The majority seem to stick. In a single day we received 285 likes and 48 unlikes – yet this still means we retain 80%. What would be great is if the community encouraged some interaction, like a post, add a comment, etc just to increase page relevance. Hey I know this takes longer … but! 🙂

  10. fu facebook i cant get points there is no one set there to 10 so i see it on 9 points and gone just 1 pointes i see why ?

  11. Thanks YLH mods for answering my question concerning FB accounts.

    Keep up the good work guys…

  12. “There are no facebook pages to like”


  13. Hi..I liked other fb pages but the points are not reflected in my account. Pls help

  14. When is the Youtube section going to be up and running?

  15. thanks ylh. I’ve got to log in fb as me, then click the ive liked this page. thanks. and it works great!!!!!

  16. can you make somethins that can be more speadly like the like version who FB blocked?

  17. “YouLikeHits registered 746 Likes on the site so there were only 21 people who Unliked.” We registered on 8 different sites 25~30% people who unlike in 1-3 days

    • We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had as much success. Try lowering your payout a bit. You may get Likes slower but they seem to have a higher chance of sticking.

  18. I am liking pages but I am not getting credits…..

  19. I had to set up a new Facebook page from scratch and so needed 25 users to register the name. Well, thanks to YouLikeHits it took me about 10 minutes!

    For the record … 32 people initially liked but only 27 stayed. So there are a few users who just don’t understand the spirit of YLH 😦 But there loss – you’ll get caught out in the end!

  20. hey how come the facebook section dwindled down to only 1-2 or at the most 3 point payout users?

    • Because there are much less points in the system now then there were in the past. We had 7,000,000 points in the system before with less users and now we only have 5,000,000 points in the system with more users. On top of that the points are less spread out and more held by few users.

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