Free YouLikeHits Points!

Occasionally we like to give our active users some free points to show our appreciation and to boost the economy of the site.  We’ve given everyone who’s active 50 free points!  Thank you for using YouLikeHits!

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  1. Much appreciated folks!

  2. Merry Christmas to YLH users 🙂 thanks guys much appreciated

  3. Thank you and i wisch you a merry Christmas….

  4. thank u 🙂

  5. I registered but am not receiving an activation key. (It’s not in my spam box either) I even tried resending it but I get nothing.

  6. i’ve been active since this site got started..
    no 50 points here

  7. hey @Youlikehits i want Asian countries like 0n my page so there will b a coutry opption also soo we can get likes only from these countries………

  8. Thanks 🙂 nice gift.

  9. please check the links of you. the site is fake and make some money. just selling fake youlikehits point free… how could be possible to sell free points for your site??

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