Monthly Archives: August 2011

Google +1’s are sticking!

A bit of good news!
So far so good on the Google +1’s.  The new system seems to be working.  We created the new system on August 1st and it’s now the 6th and we haven’t had any issues yet!

I personally added 2 sites and one has 351 +1’s and the other now has 301 +1’s both started on August 1st and have not dropped.

YouLikeHits Statistics Update!

A lot of people thought it was interesting to see the numbers behind YouLikeHits.  The last time I did this was July 19th and even since then we’ve grown bigger!  You can compare the numbers by checking out our older statistics blog post.

Twitter Followers: 975,781
Facebook Likes: 1,069,031
Google +1’s: 2,741 (new system only)
MySpace Friends: 24,065
YouTube Views: 592,959
Digg Followers: 30,339
StumbleUpon Followers: 15,717
Website Hits: 617,890

We also just updated the Buy Points page again!  Check it out.

Attention Bloggers! Get FREE Points!

Do you own a popular blog?
If you do!  Then this is for you.  We’re looking bloggers to post a positive review or tutorial about YouLikeHits on their blog.  Please make the review rather lengthy and include what you like about our site.

After you post your blog please post a comment in reply to this with the username you use on YouLikeHits and the link to the Blog you posted.  After we review the blog you will get 250 Points added to your account!

“Buy Points” page update!

We have increased the prices of the Points Packages available.  The reason for the price increase is because we now offer Premium time with each package.  This is a huge value considering each Premium day normally costs 500 Points!  Even with the price raise we’re still much cheaper than our biggest competitors!

Thanks to everyone who has purchased Points in the past or is planning on purchasing Points in the future.  You guys rule.

Third times the charm?

We’re going to give Google +1 another shot.  This time with a different approach.

We’re pretty confident that this one will work a lot better however we will not be refunding Points this time around.  We’ve added a big red warning label stating that any Points spent will not be refunded in the event that +1’s start getting removed again by Google in the future.

If you’re a risk taker than feel free to invest Points in the new system which should be up very soon.

Update:  It’s up!  Try it out if you dare. 😉