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New Premium System Explanation

I feel a lot of users are confused about how the new Premium system actually works and how it is beneficial to the site and to you.
Each Follow, Like, View, etc used to cost around 15 Points because of the old Premium system.  They now only cost up to 10 Points.
With the new Premium system you will show up before everyone else that has the same Payout that you have that is not Premium.  Users can still become Premium without buying packages using real money by Liking 100 Facebook Pages.  They can do this as many times as they want per day which will increase the # of Facebook Likes given out.  Currently Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular features on the site and this might switch from 100 Follows to 100 Likes to balance activity.

YouLikeHits goal with this change is to increase the value of Premium, increase the value of Points and to increase the amount of Likes.


New Premium System

We’re going to be changing the way Premium works very soon.  It’ll no longer allow up to 15 Point Payout but instead will simply just put your content before those that are not Premium.  For example, if you offer 6 Points for your Facebook Page and you’re Premium then your Facebook page will be in front of all the other pages that also offer 6 Points.  We feel this will make for a much better system.  What do you all think?

Update:  The new Premium system is now in place.  You will now see “green” backgrounds to anyone’s content that is a Premium member.

YouTube Changes

We’re going to be changing our YouTube section on YouLikeHits soon.  Instead of giving YouTube Views we’re going to be offering YouTube Subscribers.  YouTube doesn’t count views the same way that they used too.  They don’t count 100% of the Views and use some secret algorithm to decide which ones should be counted.  We feel subscribers are more important to our YouTube users anyway and this feature should be replace within the next couple of days.

YouLikeHits Warning

It’s recently come to our attention that a small handful of users are purchasing YouLikeHits Accounts and Points from others.  These Accounts and Points are more often than not obtained by the seller in a malicious way.  We recently deleted around 500 accounts that had Points that were gained by abusing certain system mechanics.  At YouLikeHits it’s important for us to protect the overall economy of the site.  If users are adding Points to the system in a malicious way it’ll lower the value of Points for everyone.
Please do not buy Points or Accounts from anyone other than YouLikeHits official site.

We’ve also setup ways to prevent the users who are selling accounts and points from abusing the systems on YouLikeHits in which they were abusing.


Update:  Users who had purchased Premium time within the past 3 days have had 3 free days of Premium added to their accounts.

New YouLikeHits Server

Sometime today we’ll be transferring YouLikeHits to a brand new server that should be able to handle the massive amount of traffic we’re getting now.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  I will be adding Premium time to those that have had it during this time and didn’t receive the full benefit.

YouLikeHits Downtime

It seems lately our server has been getting hit especially hard.  We’re working on upgrading our server and will hopefully have it back online soon and running faster than ever.  Please support YouLikeHits by purchasing Points.  Server upgrades are not cheap!

Thanks for the support!

“Someone already added this page…”

A lot of users seem to be having trouble adding their pages to YouLikeHits because a “reseller” has already added it to their account.  We’ve opened it up so that you may add your page to your account now regardless of whether or not someone else has added it.  Keep in mind though that if someone already added it to their account and it’s still active that you may not get many likes because once someone Likes your page it will not show up again for them to Like it.

Only add Pages that you own and only add Pages to ONE account that you own.  If you add the same page to multiple accounts that you own on YouLikeHits we will ban that page from the site.  Play nice!

Google +1’s removed

Google figured it out again.  +1’s seem to be dwindling away from many sites.  At least it lasted for a little while.  We will not be adding Google +1’s back again in the future.

Thanks to everyone who tested this feature out.

Now lets see if we can possibly get Tumblr support added.

Facebook Issues Fixed

I’ve received well over 50 emails [not counting comments on this blog] about the Facebook issues people were having earlier today.  Rest assured that this was a minor database issue!  We’ve fixed the problem and from what we see the only issue was that it was not recording the History of Likes.  Basically, when someone Liked you they got their Points, you got your Points taken away and they had to actually Like your page but the History never recorded on your history or theirs.

Everything should be back to normal now.  Let us know if you have any other issues.

Any Points spent on Facebook Likes within the past 12 hours [minus the number of Points earned from Liking] was refunded to everyone’s account!  If you didn’t receive a message in your History about the Facebook refund then you received more Points from Liking others in the past 12 hours than you had spent on Likes.

10% OFF Points!

How does 10% off sound on a YouLikeHits Points package?
Here’s how to do it.  You will get 10% off if you purchase Points on YouLikeHits through Google Checkout using the coupon code “porcelainsky”.  This will only work on Google Checkout.

Spread the word!