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Removal of Google +1

Well that didn’t last long.  I guess nobody can really outsmart Google.  They are the God of the internet.
We’ve removed Google +1 features because many users were noticing their +1’s getting removed again.  We did our best to create a system where that wouldn’t happen but Google figured out a way to prevent this system too.

We have refunded all the Points that you spent on +1’s minus the number of Points you received from +1’ing others pages.

If you purchased Points via PayPal or Google Checkout exclusively for our Google +1 feature please feel free to email us at for a refund.

Thanks so much for bearing with us and experimenting.  We’ve got a great community and we wouldn’t be able to offer our services if it weren’t for the such great community support.


Google +1 Issues

Some users are reporting that a significant amount of their +1’s gained from YouLikeHits are disappearing.  We’re monitoring the issues and we’re working on some fixes to make sure that it doesn’t continue.  We’ll be changing the way we handle +1’s to help make them less mass +1’d and appear more legit.  We’re going to use an external window instead of an inline frame for +1’s and we’re going to require users to wait a certain amount of seconds between each +1.

Google +1 back!

Google +1 is back now!
It’s setup a little bit different than before but should be easy enough for most people to setup.  It will not work with all types of sites but anyone who owns their own site should have no issue adding the required code to get started.

Google +1’s are coming back!

Google +1 Returns
We’ve figured out a way to add Google +1’s back to YouLikeHits.  This time we’re pretty confident that it’ll work out and the +1’s will not be removed.  We’re currently testing with a small number of users but we’re seeing success and will be opening it up to more and more users very soon.  Keep checking back to see if it’s been opened up for you!

Premium Price
We have lowered the premium price from 750 Points for 24 hours to 500 Points for 24 hours.

New Points Package
We added a new Points package to the “Buy Points” page.  You can now get 10,000 Points for $90!

Referral System

A lot of people seem to be confused with how the referral system works.  Basically all you have to do to get your 50 Points is to give a friend your referral link to sign up.  You will get a notification in your History page that says that you got a referral and the referral will display “Pending”.  If the person you referred becomes active on YouLikeHits and actually starts using the site you will then get your 50 Points and the History page will show “Approved”.

Premium and New Facebook System

Premium is a new feature on YouLikeHits that will help you increase the activity towards your content.  You will be able to purchase Premium time at a rate of 750 Points for 24 hours.  When Premium you can set your Payout to 15 instead of 10 which will put you above anyone who’s not Premium.  If your Premium runs out your content will automatically be reduced to 10 Points Payout.

New Facebook System
We were having some issues when we first released the new system but most of them have been resolved.  You should be getting Likes again!  Keep in mind that Likes will more than likely be slow because there is actually over 500+ Facebook pages that are ALL offering the maximum payout of 10 Points.  This means that people have to Like all 500 before even getting to those pages that offer 9 Points.

The best way to get more Likes on YOUR page is to start Liking everyone elses page.  If you can take their Points from them then your page will start moving up the list and fewer pages will be taking up the top spaces.

YouLikeHits Statistics

This was a triumph.
I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

YouLikeHits is a huge success!
I’d like to share some numbers with you people.  I know you’re interested in seeing just exactly how many Followers, Likes, Views and Visits YouLikeHits has given out.  Here’s the numbers below!

Twitter Followers: 875,181
Facebook Likes: 406,482
Google +1’s (
removed): 244,762
YouTube Views: 269,815
MySpace Friends: 5,846
Digg Followers: 11,570
StumbleUpon Followers: 4,344
Website Hits: 349,867

Amazing numbers.  Lets keep it going!

New Server is up!

The new server is finally up and running.  It’s blazing fast!  Let us know what you think.

New Server Upgrade!

We’re moving YouLikeHits to a brand new server.  The bill is going to be much higher each month but the speed and reliability should be worth it.
Thank you to those that have been purchasing Points.  Without you this wouldn’t be possible.

The site should be back online within a few hours time.

The server upgrade is taking longer than expected and is telling people that their accounts don’t exist.  This should be completed soon.

Google Refund Error, It’s all clear now…

A certain user recently reported to me that there was an error in the Google +1 Point Refund.  I looked into the exactly refund code and it turns out they were right.  Everyone was refunded not only the points they spent on the Google +1 system but also the points they earned were given to them again.  This completely ruined the sites economy rendering it almost completely stagnant.  I have run a new query to fix the issue and it has removed the Points that were given by mistake.

We very deeply apologize for this error but we’re very happy that it was caught.  Thank you for using YouLikeHits.